Research and Advisory

BBBEE Ownership Structuring

Beever Research and Advisory assist clients in providing scenario planning and gap analysis on a potential empowerment deal. We ensure that the transaction meets all the requirements of the amended BBBEE Codes of Good Practice including Sector Codes, where applicable, until  the transaction is registered with the BBBEE Commissioner.

Management Control & Employment Equity

We provide assistance with the development of Employment Equity plans relating to statutory reporting, as well as analysis and reporting on the B-BBEE scorecard including Gap Analysis and Action Planning

Skills Development

We offer an all-inclusive skills development planning and implementation that includes Skills Development Element, development of Workplace skills plans and reporting (WSP & ATR) designed not only to obtain maximum rebates and grants from the relevant SETAs and optimise BBBEE points under skills development but also to ensure proper return on investment.

Procurement analysis solutions

We conduct detailed procurement mapping and spend analysis to help unpack how how our client buying decisions affect their Preferential Procurement scorecard. We then offer customised solutions to improve value chain transformation and help obtain a better Preferential Procurement score

Enterprise Development and Supplier Development

We work with our clients to develop  an ESD strategy that adds value into their overall business sustainability. We also work directly with Enterprise Development and Supplier Development beneficiaries from conducting their business diagnosis to developing their growth plans. We even provide accredited business training where the suppliers exit with FETC certificates.

BBBEE Training

Beever Agency provide credit bearing and non-credit bearing training on BBBEE. The training skills programmes are designed to ensure that participants are fully competent on the BBBEE requirements.

We offer the following Courses:

  • Basic BEE Manager Course – Introductory – A comprehensive foundational course covering all the basics on B-BBEE and the perfect place to start
  • The socio-economic context and evolution of BBBEE
  • Introduction to Ownership Scorecard
  • Introduction to Management Scorecard
  • Introduction to SD Scorecard
  • Introduction to ESD Scorecard
  • Introduction to SED Scorecard
  • The course can be completed in full over 3 days or a participant may choose to complete module at a time

We offer the following Courses:

  • Advanced BBBEE Manager Course –an advance BBBEE Course ideal for participants who are employed or want to be employed as BEE analyst, BBBEE managers with corporate, independent BEE consultants
  • The socio-economic context and evolution of BBBEE
  • Advanced Ownership Control Course
  • Advanced Management Control Scorecard Course including developing EE plans and reporting
  • Advanced SD Control Course including WSP & ATR
  • Advanced ESD Control Course including best practices ESD planning and implementation
  • Advanced SED Control Course including SED planning and implementation
  • BBBEE Verification
  • The course can be completed in full over 5 days or a participant may choose to complete module at a time
  • Participants are required to submit a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate competence

BBBEE Management & Reporting Tool

Beever Research & Advisory is an approved Advisory Partner for the BEE123 software. BEE123 is a market leader in the provision of BBBEE Management solutions. The system provides a revolutionary and cutting-edge solution to B-BBEE compliance, ensuring that B-BBEE is easy to understand, plan, manage and implement whilst facilitating strategic and meaningful transformation. The software has versions available for all Revised Sector Codes and will assist the entire BBBEE planning and implementation.

Key Features:

  • BBBEE Dashboard
  • Scorecard calculator
  • Scenario planning
  • Reporting Tool
  • Document management & Verification pack